finding a dharma teacher

When seeking a Dharma teacher, make sure they are fully qualified to teach. I would not personally seek advice from anyone without a minimum of 30 years of dedicated intense practice behind them, someone who has lived the Dharma 24 hours a day. This would normally mean a monk or a nun.

Avoid the more famous teachers. You will need individual guidance, and they just will not be able to give you the time.

Don't go for someone just because they are based close to you, be prepared to travel. Visit a few, and pick the one you feel is going to be right for you.


my advice

If they frighten the life out of you on your first visit, they are probably going to be a good Dharma teacher!

Don't procrastinate, seek a teacher now, time is running out!


"snowflakes gently enter this world of form

they arrive here from emptiness

stay awhile, then gently dissolve back into emptiness

what do they know that we don't?

Lama Ngedon Drime: 14-7-16


no more use have i for the forms of statues and images

no more use have i for the light of candles

no more use have i for the scent of incense

no more use have i for the sound of recitations or mantras

dwelling as i do now in a state of pure consciousness

mind and body fallen away

mountains are once again just mountains

rivers are once again just rivers.

Lama Ngedon Drime: 7-4-18